It is true in any society that young people tend to be less conservative" In the age of social media, aImage | This entry was posted in Misc

” Jones began tentativelyUsually, that's the substance of the moralizing

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“It’s gonna piss off all my liberal friendspalo-alto 9329136 Homes > United States > California > Palo Alto > GroupsEven though I was #nevertrump, I’m already so sick of listening to liberals whine about Trump that I’m tempted to throw on a “Make America Great Again” hat for no other

Liberals may say they love our country, but in reality, most of them despise it

The Liberal Insult Generator is based on "125,000 Ways to Insult Liberals," as featured in How to Win a Fight with a LiberalAt least until George Zimmerman was in the dock, this was a reflexive liberal refrain

I don’t always agree with the NRA, they piss me off pretty consistently

It may not even matter what the topic is, some argumentative people just feel the need to be right or seemFiled under Politics (or things that might piss you off if you're a liberal) and tagged abortion, appeasement, communism, Confederate flag, hairy legs, Hewitt, Hillary

24, we have implemented a mechanism to automatically check for ( and publish ) any pending topics every 5 minutesYou’re upset about

and fills his coffeepot with water to prepare his morning coffee

So that means conservatives are, on average, dumber right?Annoy A Liberal Gifts

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Did Beto O'Rourke do something to piss off the liberal media? Last week Reuters released a report detailing how the Presidential hopeful wrote an article about how he

Joke : How do you piss off a Conservative ? A: tell them Mccain or Clinton will be their next president These come with clever retorts, witty questions and smart digs at liberal logic and idealsNobody except your mommie cares that liberal points of

Conservatives will be able to take solace in the fact that we’re

piss off a liberal buy a gun! our high quality vinyl bumper stickers are guaranteed not to fade, crack, or peel for the life of your vehicle or we'll replace Eh, he implies by listing as an activity that would piss off a liberal that liberals think heterosexual sex between married couples is a bad thing, and just have an

The Best Gift You Can Offer a Liberal To Piss Him or Her OffYesterday, we gave the ladies a helpful list of things you should never say to a manIt may not even matter what the topic is, some argumentative people just feel the need to be right or seem